Dakota Johnson Facts You Might Not Have Known

Band She Loved As A Kid

The vast majority of us can recall our most memorable most loved band. For Dakota Johnson, her most memorable huge music fixation was The Spice Girls. As she made sense of on “The Late Show with James Corden,” “I stood by listening to a ton of like Nirvana and Pearl Jam and the stuff that teen young men during the ’90s paid attention to, however at that point I was like, ‘I must focus front and center,’ so I just went full Spice Girls.

Johnson had been so fixated on the young lady group that her father took her and a friend to see them in the show when she was young. She even got to go behind the stage to meet them and get an image with them “all in their robes and hair and cosmetics,” as she put it.


Like a great many people in the film business, Dakota Johnson lives in Los Angeles. Obviously, she has a few pretty well-known neighbors. You might not have known, in any case, that right nearby to Johnson is the place of Jimmy Kimmel.

By the vibes of things, the pair love being neighbors. In 2020, Kimmel even welcomed Johnson for an “over the wall” interview due to the pandemic. In the amusing meeting, the pair appeared to be extraordinary companions, kidding about Kimmel’s children and Johnson’s homegrown propensities. Furthermore, when Kimmel inquired as to whether he’s the best out of the entirety of her past neighbors, she concurred with him, however that may not be saying a lot thinking that Johnson isn’t generally so excited about her neighbors, in any event, saying, “The ones on the opposite side suck.

In one more meeting with Kimmel, Johnson meticulously described her different neighbors. Clearly, while at a nearby party, Johnson, Kimmel, and different neighbors were talking when Johnson blamed them for towing her granddad’s truck. As Kimmel said, “It was exceptionally evident that, indeed, they towed your granddad’s truck.” Wow, seems like Johnson and Kimmel are incredible neighbors to one another — in contrast to Johnson and her different neighbors!

Most Alarming Moment On Set

As an individual who has seen “Fifty Shades of Gray” knows, Dakota Johnson is plainly an extremely courageous entertainer. In any case, while Johnson may not fear shooting some cozy intimate moments, she gets apprehensive when she needs to sing on screen.

On “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Johnson made sense of that while recording “Our Friend,” she needed to film a singing scene. That was so terrifying,” she said, describing that she got a touch of anxiety in front of large audiences. In one scene, Johnson’s personality was in front of an audience locally theater creation. As she reviewed, the melody had proactively been recorded, and she was being shot from behind while playing her pre-recorded tune. “I had a fit of anxiety that appeared in every one of the ways that it does, that it can, in this way, similar to, I just took off running… I was going near and afterward, I recently began chuckling madly… then, at that point, began crying,” she said. Johnson was terrified to such an extent that, as she put it, “outrageous flight mode” kicked in.

Goodness, it seems like Johnson was genuinely scared of shooting that scene!


At any point felt that Dakota Johnson looks somewhat natural? Indeed, that might be on the grounds that she has a few extremely popular family members! As Vogue announced, her grandma on her mom’s side is Tippi Hedren, who you might bear in mind as Melanie in the renowned Alfred Hitchcock film “The Birds.” In 2020, Johnson told Graham Norton that she was still in contact with her grandma, who is in her 90s — and she affirmed that her grandma actually lives with many lions and tigers.

Johnson’s mom is Melanie Griffith, whom you might keep in mind from the film “Working Girl.” Her dad is Don Johnson, the entertainer known for “Miami Vice.” Her stepfather is Antonio Banderas, most popular for the movies “Philadelphia,” “The Mask of Zorro,” and “Evita.” Johnson additionally has two stepsisters, Stella Banderas and Grace Johnson, who are notable models. As Vogue made sense of, with these popular relatives, Johnson certainly comes from one of the jazziest, notable genealogical records in Hollywood.


Dakota Johnson has forever been in fantastic shape, however, as her mentor, Gunnar Peterson, made sense of for Vogue, she expected to up her game for the “Fifty Shades of Gray” establishment. “The joke was, ‘I’m going to be stripped for quite some time,'” Peterson said. As Peterson and Johnson’s other coach, Kacy Duke, made sense of, Johnson had a really extreme routine in the approach shooting.

Her exercises — which Peterson named the “Triple A” — designated the abs, arms, and a**. She had one intense board schedule that included push-ups, hikers, and sliders. She had a couple thrusting schedules alongside a weighted squat daily practice and, surprisingly, a glute exercise called the “Expert Blaster.” We need to say, this all sounds genuinely difficult — in any case, in light of Johnson’s conditioned body in the “Fifty Shades of Gray” films, anything she was doing was obviously working.

Tooth Gap

Assuming you’ve seriously loved Dakota Johnson for some time, you might recall that, once upon a time, she looked pretty differently. As she made her appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” she said that she used to have a little hole between her two front teeth. In 2019, the hole bafflingly vanished — and a few fans were so troubled about it! “It’s sincerely worrying me,” she even said.

Evidently, as opposed to many fans’ thought process, Johnson didn’t get a medical procedure to fix her teeth. All things being equal, she eliminated a long-lasting retainer. “I was having a ton of neck issues as of late, so my orthodontist, she concluded that it would be smart to take it off,” she made sense of. At the point when Johnson had the retainer taken out, her hole clearly shut without anyone else. “I’m truly miserable about it, as well,” she said. For a certain something, Johnson made sense of, she currently needed to manage food stalling out in her teeth!

A Boyfriend

Dakota Johnson attempts to be private about her heartfelt life, however, starting around 2017, her relationship with Coldplay’s Chris Martin has been public data. The pair have been seen in open together various times — traveling in Europe, showing up for shows, eating. Johnson has even turned into a part of Martin’s family, spending time with his ex, Gwyneth Paltrow, and their children, Apple and Moses.

Johnson’s mom, Melanie Griffith, even talked freely about the relationship. “I love my little girl’s sweetheart,” she told People in 2019. “I believe they’re a great couple.” Paltrow has additionally voiced her endorsement, telling Harper’s Bazaar, “I love her. I can perceive how apparently unusual on the grounds that it’s kind of eccentric.” In 2020, bits of gossip spread web-based that the couple was locked in when Johnson was seen wearing a monstrous ring on that finger. Then, at that point, in 2021, more reports spread that the couple was in any event, living respectively. Anything reality might be, it seems like this couple is in it for the long stretch.


One thing Dakota Johnson truly adores is music. As she put it, “I grew up having sort of a tremendous information on music and continually having it influence me.” As she’s an entertainer and producer, music is a fundamental component. “At the point when I see films and the music enhances the story and you see more about a person in view of a tune that is playing, it’s every one of the ones to me,” she said.

Since music and acting remain inseparable for Johnson, she’s continually involving music as a feature of her acting interaction. As she said on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” she is continuously making playlists for her various characters. Furthermore, in a meeting with Glamour, Johnson uncovered that her playlist for the film “The High Note” was loaded up with Aretha Franklin melodies to get her into the right headspace. She said, “I’m continuously paying attention to music while I’m working.”

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