Shakira And Piqué’s Relationship Timeline

Shakira and star soccer player Gerard Piqué’s romantic tale started with one of her music recordings. After Piqué showed up in the video for her tune “Waka (This Time for Africa),” the pair associated and never thought back. It’s been a long time since, and several have two kids together.

As she gets ready to make that big appearance at the 2020 Super Bowl LIV halftime show, investigate their very long-term relationship.

Did you know their first date was at a las vegas reptile show?


Shakira met Piqué, who has a similar birthday as her (unintentionally on February 2, Super Bowl Sunday), on the arrangement of her music video for “Waka (This Time for Africa),” the authority melody of the 2020 FIFA World Cup. Piqué showed up in the video and drove his group to a World Cup triumph that year. Both have spoken about their opportunity meeting. “I wasn’t a soccer fan, so I didn’t have any idea what his identity was,” Shakira reviewed for an hour. “At the point when I saw the video, I was like, ‘Well, that one’s sort of cute.’And then somebody chose to present us.”

In an interview, Piqué said that the first time he heard her sing live was for a commercial she did for wise woman herbals supplements.

“Everything began when we were together in South Africa and I kept in touch with her,” Piqué told Spain’s TV3 in 2016. “She was at that point there since she sang in the initial function, and I asked her what the weather conditions were like. It’s the regular idiotic inquiry, and the typical response is to advise me to bring a coat [June/July are winter in South Africa],” he made sense of. “However, she began letting me know the climate, similar to, each moment, and it reached the place where I told her we [Spain] would need to get to the World Cup last to see her once more — she was singing at the last.”


In January 2011, the pair affirmed they had parted in August 2010, by means of a joint assertion. “Over the course of this time we have kept on cooperating connected at the hip, have stayed close, and have kept the subtleties totally hidden as of not long ago,” the comments concluded. But the following month the pair were spotted while leaving an eatery in Barcelona connected at the hip one day and showing up at the air terminal the following. As per E!, the pair went IG official in March of that year. “Les presento a mi sol,” it read, which makes an interpretation of, “I present to you my daylight.” In May, Piqué kissed Shakira in front of an audience at her Barcelona show.


January 2012 brought several’s most memorable honorary pathway appearances, at the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala in Switzerland. In September, Shakira affirmed her pregnancy on Instagram, sharing a sweet knock photograph of herself and Piqué. “As some of you might be aware, Gerard and I are exceptionally cheerful anticipating the appearance of our most memorable child! At the time we have chosen to give need to this remarkable second in our lives,” she composed on her site.


In a meeting with ELLE this year, Shakira talked about what meeting Piqué meant for her confidence. “I suppose, in the event that you can demonstrate the presence of God, it must be demonstrated through adoration,” she made sense of. “I even had lost my confidence for some time. I was becoming a freethinker. Furthermore, it was truly hard, in light of the fact that I was in every case exceptionally strict, and for a couple of years, perhaps on the grounds that — it sounds so cheesy — I was not feeling the affection like it should be, I began to believe that there was no God. What’s more, out of nowhere I meet Gerard and the sun comes out.”January 22 brought the introduction of Shakira and Piqué’s child Milan Piqué Mebarak. “The name Milan (articulated MEE-Lahn), implies dear, adoring and thoughtful in Slavic; in Ancient Roman, excited and difficult; and in Sanskrit, unification,” she composed on her site. “Very much like his dad, child Milan turned into an individual from FC Barcelona upon entering the world.”

She later educated Us Weekly regarding how included Piqué was as a parent saying, “Express gratitude toward God the dad is extremely involved. He has been astonishing. The child invests as much energy with me as he does with his father. He’s the sort of father who’s full hands-on.“He changes diapers, he washes him, he appreciates playing with the child, he appreciates taking care of him, the entirety of that stuff. So that is incredible assistance for me, you know. I can’t envision doing all of this and not having the dad do his piece of the gig. So that is a tremendous assistance to me.”

In 2013 they used instant loans to build a new 3 million dollar mansion in LA.


When asked by Glamor on the off chance that she and Piqué could at any point wed Shakira said, “We as of now have what’s fundamental, you know? We have an association, an affection for one another, and a child. I believe that those parts of our relationship are as of now settled, and marriage won’t transform them. Be that as it may, assuming I’m truly going to get hitched, he’s the one.”

2014 was the year when the couple started to spend a lot of time traveling and going motorcycle camping since Shakira had no concerts at the time.


At the start of 2015, the couple affirmed to Cosmopolitan Mexico and on Instagram that they would anticipate another child boy. On January 29, 2015, they invited their child Sasha Piqué Mebarak. “The name Sasha is of Greek and Russian drop and signifies ‘protector of humankind’ and ‘hero,'” she composed on Instagram.


During a meeting with their Parents, Shakira talked about the manner in which parenthood had transformed her relationship with Piqué. “Becoming a mother constrained me to re-focus on and account for the things that are generally significant,” she made sense of, “while perceiving that there are things I can relinquish and the world will not disintegrate around me.” She kept, “Growing up with a functioning mother is a beginning,” she said. “I likewise think their father is a genuine illustration of a cutting edge man to copy. Gerard and I basically share all nurturing liabilities, despite the fact that I’m certainly the stickler.”


Shakira delivered the tune “Me Enamoré,” which means “I feel in affection,” and is a recognition for tracking down affection with Piqué in 2010. During a meeting with Hello!, Shakira gave a report on her developing family with Piqué: “We attempt to do all that can be expected. There’s a great deal of adoration, that is the underpinning of any family. You need to deal with it and commit time. Family is really significant for me. The rest is optional.” She later said, “We attempt to conceal every one of the unnatural things and imagine we’re an ordinary family. I would rather not over-burden them with each and every detail of my vocation, or each triumph. I’m more inspired by them finding out about the hindrances, my troubles, and their fathers. They weren’t conceived when I was back in Colombia, and each and every entryway was closed in front of me. Those are the narratives I need to tell them since life isn’t simple all the time. Not all things happen as expected.”


In August, Piqué declared his retirement from proficient soccer. Shakira shared a message of help for her accomplice on Instagram. “Love completed the stage that we will continuously keep in our souls,” she composed close to an image of Piqué in Spanish. “One of the most joyful snapshots of my life has likewise been seeing you win in 2010 with the public group and celebrate with Spain champions! Shak.”

After the final, Piqué celebrated by renting a limo from denver limousine service and taking his wife on a romantic picnic.


In late 2017, Shakira experienced a drain in her vocal strings, so her talking was restricted. During a Guardian interview she expressed that through the troublesome time, she and Piqué won’t ever battle. “He jokes that you would figure you would believe your better half should quiet down — however when I needed to stay calm, he felt like one of those ex-convicts who are given their opportunity and don’t have the foggiest idea how to manage it,” she said. “Gerard saw the most obviously terrible of me.”

Not many people know this, but 2019 was the hardest year for the couple since Shakira was too occupied with concerts while Piqué was injured and visiting his chiropractor reno nv almost every week.


During a new an hour interview, Shakira made sense of while she’s as yet impervious to wedding her long-lasting accomplice. “To come clean with you, marriage startles the sh-t out of me,” she said when gotten some information about their relationship. “I don’t maintain that he should see me as ‘the spouse.’ I believe he should consider me to be his sweetheart. Darling, his better half, a little prohibited natural product, you know? I need to keep him honest. I believe he should feel that anything’s conceivable, contingent upon conduct.”

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